【Client works】「2016 鎌人ピクニック」ポスター/イラスト&デザイン/at 鎌倉 (2016 Kamando Picnic/poster/Illustration & Design/at Kamakura)


※Copyright©たにざきまほ/maho tanizaki All rights reserved.


鎌人いち場実行委員会様、湘南・鎌倉のイベント「2016 鎌人ピクニック」のポスターのイラストとデザインを制作させていただきました😊🌊




I illustrated and designed the poster for the “2016 Kamando Picnic” event in Kamakura, Shonan. The “Kamando Picnic” is a sister event to the “Kamando Ichiba” event held every May and October at Kamakura’s Yuigahama Seaside Park, and is a very relaxing event. I was also involved as a member of the “Kamando Ichiba Executive Committee.(The event is on hiatus right now due to the Corona disaster.)

Material:Water Color pencils🎨✨