【Client works】がっけんのえほん『よいこのくに 7月号』/絵本/保育教材/Gakken (Picture Book / Nursery school materials)


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みどり色のページのパイナップルは、指でこするとおいしい においもします🍍✨




表紙/尾田 瑞樹


⚫︎特集 /フルーツ ルルル



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I made illustrations for pages 1 to 8 of the monthly children’s book “Yoiko-no-Kuni/July issue” (purblished by Gakken Education Mirai Co.).

I created 12 illustrations of fruit fairies for the page featuring fruit punch.

The whole thing is just… cute!

I never thought I’d get to work on a picture book!

And it was a job I received on Christmas Eve last year!

It seems that it will be used as a learning material in nursery schools, and the age range is 3-4 years old, which is perfect for my nephew’s age, so I’m personally very happy!

I still want to get results, and there are many illustrators I want to work with, so I will continue to draw a lot ^^*.

(Sorry the image is a little dark.)